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Corporate Profile
Remote Play, Inc. develops and markets wireless products and networks based on radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to help individuals and organizations keep track of people or physical assets.

RFID tags are familiar from highway toll passes and inventory tracking systems. Remote Play’s patented SilverLink™ technology makes active RFID tags the basis of versatile, full-featured security systems. Our systems can track multiple tags with a single base unit, and estimate how far a tagged asset is from the base.

Using this powerful and flexible technology platform, Remote Play is creating product lines to address two growing markets: mobile security for consumers, and network-based tracking of people and assets for commercial organizations.

Three Remote Play products for the consumer market are already available:
  • TagAlert™ for Laptops, a system that helps prevent laptop loss or theft. Laptops have become recognized as the single weakest link in the data security chain following a barrage of recent press coverage about the loss of laptops carrying private personal records and other confidential data.. The very fact that a laptop is lost, whether a significant data breach occurs or not, involves risk, cost and anxiety. Keeping Control is preferable to Damage control. The Laptop tag. TagAlert™ maintains a permanent, active, 24/7, radio guard over a protected laptop, and will alert the user every time radio contact is broken.
  • TagAlert™ for Cell phones or iPODs, which helps prevent loss or theft of a cell phone, or other valuable property by sounding an alarm when it moves too far from its owner.
  • In-Reach™, a system that helps parents and guardians monitor and locate their children around a neighborhood or in public places such as theme parks or museums.
Domino™, a networked product for the commercial market, is now being deployed. Its first installation has been in a major emergency hospital. We welcome opportunities to talk with companies or agencies about their specific asset security needs.

Remote Play's goal is to be the leading provider of RFID- network-based tracking of people and assets for commercial organizations. We design our products in the United States and we have a manufacturing support office in Hong Kong to support our manufacturing partners in China. Third party product application development is available from our engineering resources in the U.S. and India.

Remote Play Partners

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February 24-28, 2008
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