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Laptops have become recognized as the single weakest link in the data security chain following a barrage of recent press coverage about the loss of laptops carrying private personal records and other confidential data.
The very fact that a laptop is lost, whether a significant data breach occurs or not, involves risk, cost and anxiety. Keeping Control is preferable to Damage control.
In recognition of this, TagAlert was developed as a fresh approach to preventing loss.
How it works:
TagAlert comprises a Monitor, worn on one’s person, and a Tag attached to the laptop. These two units are in permanent active radio contact, continuously measuring the distance between them. TagAlert™ maintains a permanent, active, 24/7, radio guard over a protected laptop, and will alert the user every time radio contact is broken. This is a 100% failsafe system – it does not rely on radio contact being established – but automatically sends an alarm if permanent radio contact is lost for any reason. TagAlert™ is guaranteed to alert the laptop owner when the computer is out of range.
TagAlert embodies several features that make it user-friendly. Both tag and monitor are wafer thin, convenient to wear, encouraging a permanent habit of use. TagAlert™ has always-on functionality: in its normal mode, the device remains permanently activated, providing protection even when forgotten -- the user does not have to remember to switch the device on before leaving the office. Battery life is typically 6 months or more, minimizing unprotected power-out periods. TagAlert is simple and immediate: no site visits, no installations, no delays, immediate protection.
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