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Remote Play’s (RPI) ultra low power, low cost RFID Cellular Network enables real-time tracking and control of its “active” RFID tags for the vertical and consumer markets. RPI’s platform uniquely harnesses RFID technology by giving tags and sensors full 2-way wireless communication capability. This Network Platform, called SilverLink, is designed to provide complete indoor and outdoor asset and people tracking for corporations, institutions, resorts, amusement parks and hospitals.
The system is scalable and can provide miles of coverage. The entire system (base-stations and tags) is battery operated for ease of installation so that wiring an entire hospital is made simple. Though the system is low cost, low power and low in maintenance, it boasts an unparalleled networking performance and capabilities. Some of these capabilities include self-healing, quick response and roaming.
Portable Technology:
The ultra low power and size of the RPI wireless design enables the base station to be portable, small enough to be carried in the palm of a hand. This offers a broad set of new applications such as a device a parent can carry to keep track of their child in their vicinity. Other applications include the very first invisible pet leash or something to make sure ones valuables (e.g. laptop, wallet, cell phone) does not get lost. The Company’s core competence extends beyond basic technology development to product development, design-to-manufacturing, and management of the product supply chain. This approach reduces time-to-market and ensures optimized cost/performance solutions.
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